How to order button badges from us?

  1. In our store, choose the type of button bagde you’re interested in – e.g. button badges with a safety pin or button badges with a fridge magnet.
  2. Select your preferred size from the available options – e.g. 25mm, 38mm, 50mm, 59mm, 75mm, or 68x44mm.
  3. On the selected product page, choose the production time, attach a file with the graphics to be placed on the badges (jpg, png or pdf), indicate the quantity of button badges, and add them to the cart.
  4. Now, you can continue shopping by adding additional button badges with your graphics to your order or proceed to checkout with the items in your cart.
  5. Expect your order to be completed within the specified time frame.
  • You can also send us the graphic file for the button badges via email or commission us for graphic design work.
  • You can place your entire order with us via email or phone, although we encourage using the online ordering option through our store.


How to prepare a graphic design?

We can place any printed design on the pins, but it must meet specific criteria:

  • Projects should be in the following formats:
    • PDF, EPS, AI – vector graphics
    • JPG, TIFF, PNG with a minimum resolution of 200dpi – raster graphics, photos.
  • Graphics must be saved in CMYK color space.
  • The graphics should match the shape of the button badge.
  • The size/diameter of the graphic should match the button size and include enough space for the background bleed around the edge of the button. Part of the print will fold underneath the badge.
  • Any text around the edges, if present, should be kept away from the button’s edge – see the illustration below.
  • We do not recommend placing text on the edge of the button, as small shifts of 1-2 mm from the center cannot be ruled out during production.
  • The essential graphical elements, such as the main motif, should be slightly away from the edge by about 1-2mm, as they may wrap around the button’s edge.

Below you will find templates in PDF format for download. They will be helpful in preparing your projects.

Button size Text on the edge – outer diameter Main motif – the rest may go to the edge Background Cutting diameter Download template
25 mm 23 mm Ø 24 mm Ø 31 mm Ø 32,6 mm Ø
38 mm 33 mm Ø 37 mm Ø 48 mm Ø 51 mm Ø
50 mm 44 mm Ø 50 mm Ø 58 mm Ø 61 mm Ø
59 mm 52 mm Ø 58 mm Ø 67 mm Ø 70 mm Ø
75 mm 67 mm Ø 74 mm Ø 84 mm Ø 87,5 mm Ø

68 mm x

44 mm

The minimum distance from the edge is 4 mm 68 mm x 44 mm 82 mm x 55 mm 82 mm x 55 mm
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