Components for badges

Primo – firstly, our components for badges are made of stainless steel. What does this mean? They are much more durable than plastic or aluminum ones. Button badges made from our components do not bend or crack, and the thicker acrylic film attached to them provides excellent protection for the graphics against damage.

Secundo – secondly, all the parts needed to make one button badge are included in the price. Only a print/graphic cut from paper is needed. (You will find all the instructions in the FAQ section).

Tertio – thirdly, only our button badge components are compatible with the models of button machines we offer. By purchasing our button badge-making materials, you have a guarantee that everything will fit together seamlessly.

components for badges

Components for badges in Buttonfly store

The components for badges available in our store are made of stainless steel (galvanized sheet metal). This means they are much harder than competitive products made of other materials. Consequently, they are much more durable than, for example, badge components made of plastic or aluminum. The button bagde components we offer do not bend or break. Button badges made from them are therefore strong and long-lasting gadgets. Stainless steel is definitely the most sensible choice if badges are to be strong and of high quality, which is why you will find such components on We have been in the button badge business for many years and from experience, we know that button badges made with our materials will satisfy even the most demanding individuals. All components for badges sold by us are of European production and meet quality standards.

Button badge components – available sizes and types

Materials for DIY badge production are sold in various sizes. We offer six round sizes: 25mm, 32mm, 38mm, 50mm, 59mm, 75mm, and one size of rectangular button badges: 68x44mm. Depending on the size, various badge components are available. The most popular ones, namely those with a pin, are available in each of the aforementioned sizes, and those with a magnet in almost every size, as the only components with a magnet not available in size 75mm. Among the materials for badge production in the Buttonfly store, you will also find components for badges with a single, double or triple clothing magnet. Other materials for making badges yourself include components with a crocodile clip (so-called ID badges), button badge components with a mirror, keychain components or even materials for making button badge jewelry – earrings with a button badge or a ring with a button badge. You will find each type of button badge components in the selected size above.

Make your own badges – badge components in bulk packaging

The vast majority of button badge materials are sold in packs of one hundred pieces. However, there are also badge components in packs of fifty – a 75mm component with a mirror, and those available in packs of twenty-five, i.e. a 59mm component with a bottle opener, a 25mm keychain, a 25mm keychain with a chain, a 25mm earring and a 25mm ring. Each package contains all the components needed to make a specific button badge. Also included are strong glossy acrylic foils designed to protect the graphics from abrasion or other damage. All you need to make your button badges are a paper prints. Once you have cut out the graphics in the appropriate size, using our paper cutters, place it along with the complete component in the machine, clamp it, and you can enjoy your own badge.

Perfect button badges – our components for badges are compatible with our button machines

We emphasize this every time – the badge production components available on are one hundred percent compatible with the button machines sold in our store. We cannot guarantee that you will make equally perfect button badges using our components for badges and machines purchased elsewhere. Likewise, using our button badge-making machines and badge components purchased elsewhere. Therefore, we recommend purchasing both button machines and components for badges directly from us. We have a wide selection of various components so that you can easily find all the products that interest you. At the same time, we sell button badge machines in every size for which we have badge components. We also have button machines with interchangeable matrices, where by purchasing one machine and several matrices of different sizes, you will be able to make button badges of various sizes. Importantly, each button badge machine in the Buttonfly store comes with a lifetime warranty. Quality and durability are something that definitely distinguishes our products.

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