About Us

Przypinki - Buttonfly

Production of button badges since 2008

Buttonfly is a brand that derives its name from what we specialize in – producing buttons. Our button badges production started in 2008, but that’s not all – we also supply equipment and materials for making button badges yourself. We’re a small team of print and computer graphics enthusiasts, and over the past several years, we’ve become specialists in our field.

We love bringing new graphic designs to life on button badges, and each project is a unique story for us. We are proud of our button badges, from classic ones with a safety pin to more sophisticated ones like those with fridge magnet or bottle opener, being an essential part of both major advertising campaigns and personal moments or events for our customers.

However, Buttonfly isn’t just about button badges. In our catalog you will find everything you need to produce button badges yourself. Our primary focus is on quality, which is why our button machines come with a lifetime guarantee, and the components, i.e. the material for the production of button badges, are crafted from tough and durable stainless steel.

In Buttonfly, our mission is to provide fast, professional, and comprehensive services related to buttons/badges/pins – call them what you will 🙂 That’s why we say: WE ARE UP TO THE EYES IN BUTTON BADGES!

For many years, the core of our team has been the same people, so all our current and future customers can expect consistently excellent service and support, and we’ll even strive to make it better 🙂