Button badges with mirror backside

Great stuff! On the front, there’s a beautiful graphic, photo or logo and on the other side – our reflection in the mirror 🙂 Button badges with mirror backside are an interesting and original gadget, not only for women’s purses. Its functionality makes us carry it with us and use it every day.

Button badges with mirror backside available in sizes:

  • 59mm
  • 75mm

59 mm

Button/przypinka z lusterkiem o średnicy 59mm. Sprawdź też 59mm z: agrafką, otwieraczem i magnesem, magnetyczne na ubranie, krokodylkiem.

75 mm

Button/przypinka z lusterkiem o średnicy 75mm. Sprawdź też 75mm z: agrafką, magnetyczne na ubranie, krokodylkiem.

Mirror Button Badges

Despite various terms used for this product, we’re actually closer to calling them mirror buttons than mirror badges. This is largely because these gadgets don’t have a pin or any other type of fastening on the reverse side. However, we know that customers often search for this product using the term button badges with mirror backside and that’s the most popular name. Therefore, in our store, we use different names for them. Although this gadget can’t be pinned, thanks to the incredibly interesting feature of a built-in mirror on the back, it attracts interest and can serve the owner for many years. The aesthetic and very solid construction makes button badges with mirror backside look good. Additionally, they are practical for everyday use and exceptionally durable. Moreover, the print on the front of the badge is clear and quite large. It is also well protected from damage, guaranteed by a strong acrylic film.

In Buttonfly we make button badges with mirror backside in two sizes

In our store, you can order button badges with mirror backside in one of two available sizes. We produce this product only in a round shape, and the sizes we offer are 59 mm and 75 mm. Smaller mirror buttons would not have much chance of success because the mirror would be too small to look into comfortably. In our opinion, mirror badges in the two largest dimensions available among our entire range of badges work best for this gadget. However, the 59 mm mirror button is significantly smaller than the 75 mm mirror button, which is quite large. Nevertheless, both will easily fit into any bag and will often come in handy.

Personalized mirror buttons don’t have to be just advertising

This product doesn’t have to be a promotional gadget, although such use is very often chosen for mirror badges. Equally well, personalized mirror buttons made by us to your order will work for private events. Like a bachelorette party, for example. On these buttons, just like with all our other gadgets, we will print any design for you. It could be, depending on the purpose of the badge, a photo, a motto, a slogan, a logo, or a promotional graphic design. How your own mirror buttons will look depends only on your imagination and creativity. Note that the mirror badges we make at Buttonfly in both size variants are quite large. So there will be plenty of content on them, which will be quite visible.

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