Button badges with bottle opener

The master of functionality – button with bottle opener. The button badges with bottle opener have won the hearts of breweries and bars – small and large alike. Bottle openers are made of hard and thick steel, they are not just decorative and will serve well and long.

Additionally, button badges with bottle opener don’t have to lie in a drawer – you can place them, for example, on the fridge, thanks to the magnet on the back.

The button with bottle opener is available in a 59mm diameter size.

59mm bottle opener with magnet

Button badge with bottle opener and magnet in a 59mm diameter size. Other button badges available in 59mm with: vacuum cap, mirror, magnet, crocodile clip, clothing magnet and pin.

Buttons with bottle opener and fridge magnet in 59mm size

Undoubtedly, a bottle opener button is an incredibly practical gadget that will come in handy for almost everyone. Our button badges with bottle opener are made from very thick steel, so they can easily open thousands of bottles. Additionally, these types of buttons have a built-in magnet, so you can attach them, for example, to the refrigerator and conveniently use them every day. This gadget has been popular in our offer for years. The size in which we make button badges with bottle opener is 59mm. It ensures good visibility of the print and convenient bottle opening. We will print your own design on the bottle openers. How to prepare it in the right size? Our size template, which you can download directly on the FAQ page, will help you with that. Similar to our other buttons, the button badges with bottle opener can also be made by us with glossy foil, which is the default option when purchasing or with matte foil. Decide which bottle openers suit you best and that’s what you’ll order in Buttonfly. We will be happy to make them for you.

Bottle opener with magnet – order processing times

Assuming you opt for the standard option, we will make a maximum of five hundred bottle openers in three days and one thousand bottle openers in five days. Need more? Each additional one thousand pieces will extend the waiting time for the order by just one working day. You say it’s too long? Okay, the answer to that is the slightly more expensive express option. If you choose it, we will complete five hundred pieces in two working days, one thousand in three days, and each additional five hundred pieces will take one day longer. We assure you that we do our best, and we simply can’t do it faster while maintaining the high quality of our personalized products made to your individual orders. Are you interested in the buttons with bottle opener but have additional questions about it? Feel free to contact us – we will answer all of them.

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