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WOW! It’s been more than 15 years since we made our first badge. We can confidently say that we are “up to the eyes in badges”.

A button badge is otherwise known as a badge, pin-back button, or pin badge. For us, badges are more than just a small graphic entity. Our badges have supported social and advertising campaigns, helped win elections, and participated in educating the youngest. Badges are also a way of life, an unconventional addition to clothing through which we can express a lot. The most popular badges, those with a safety-pin backside, effectively complement advertising campaigns – badges with a logo, and they are also a cool souvenir at concerts and mass events – badges with their own imprint.


There are many types of button badges, also known as buttons. At Buttonfly, we create:

The most classic badge is the round one with a pin-back. However, we are always looking for new badge variations, which is why we also manufacture for you:

You can order such badges with your own imprint or logo.

And you know what? Our custom-made badges are made from durable and sturdy stainless steel, not some soft aluminum. However, the badge is not only about the material; a graphic pattern print is also necessary. We do not compromise here either – badges with your own imprint and logo are printed for you on photographic paper or offset, ensuring that their colors and black are so deep and vivid.

We also recommend checking out our offer for floos and rosettes.


We say that we are “up to the eyes in badges” – completely and thoroughly, which is why, in addition to producing ready-made button badges, we are a comprehensive and professional supplier of:

Enough of the boasting. We encourage you to get in touch – Buttonfly is always putting the customer first!




Badges, buttons, pins – many terms, one meaning

When looking for badges online, you may have noticed that they are referred to by various names, which can sometimes cause confusion in finding the right pins. The term badge is the most popular designation for a button-type badge that is attached with a pin. On the other hand, the term button fairly accurately captures the appearance of the attached badges, which resemble smaller or larger buttons.

The term buttons is better and more accurate for describing badges consisting of metal components and printed foil covering. The term badges actually refers only to badges attached to clothing with a pin, needle, pendant, or magnet. In our offer, in addition to pin-back badges, you will also find other types of badges that can be attached to the refrigerator with a magnet, as well as buttons with a bottle opener, mirror, keychain, and even jewelry with a button. Let’s assume, therefore, that a “badge will be a button that we attach to clothing, and all other badges will simply be buttons with a magnet, bottle opener, etc.

Popular term badge is also appears as button badge, which is an exact designation for button-type badges. We also cannot overlook the terms pin or pins, although the latter are more likely not buttons but rather cast metal or resin-coated badges. Meanwhile, pins fits well as an additional designation for pin-back badges. Our attached badges are secured to clothing using a safety-pin, in other words – a secure pin.

Promotional button badges from the mid-20th century to the present day

The history of badges dates back to the mid-20th century when they were invented by Americans as a simple and inexpensive means of communication and advertising. The first badges helped support candidates in political elections and allowed people to express their social views.

Currently, badges have become popular again, and their application is even wider. The smallest pin-back badges with a diameter of 25mm serve as a discreet addition to clothing and can be worn permanently, even on a backpack, as their small size does not hinder everyday life and can be an interesting form of expression. Medium-sized badges with their own imprint, such as 38mm and 50mm, are often used as souvenirs from various events such as concerts, trips, pilgrimages, etc. The largest pin-back badges, 59mm and 75mm, allow for more information, photos, and text, and are used where it is essential for them to be clearly visible. Larger gadgets are effective in advertising campaigns – badges with logos, during elections, or in customer service, where the message conveyed on the badges needs to be visible to the customers in contact with the seller.

Recently, we have introduced rectangular button badges measuring 68x44mm to our offer, which can be used wherever the graphics better fit this shape and also serve excellently as identification badges pinned with a pin or magnet. Rectangular badges are also available as fridge magnets.

We make custom button badges on demand, but we also sell badge-making machines so that you can make them yourself

In our store, there are two models of badge-making machines available. They are known as KDI and FLEXI. KDI is a badge-making machine available in six sizes – 25, 38, 50, 59, 75, and 68×44 mm. On the other hand, FLEXI is a badge-making machine available in four sizes – 25, 38, 50, 59 mm. The difference between these two machines is that the KDI badge-making machine is designed for a specific size, allowing you to make only one size of buttons from the six mentioned above. The FLEXI badge-making machine, on the other hand, has interchangeable molds, enabling the production of badges of different sizes – you just need to purchase additional molds for the other sizes of buttons. For those who want to make buttons of different sizes, there are two options – buy several separate KDI machines in different sizes or purchase one FLEXI machine and several molds of different sizes. You can find all our machines in the badge-making machines section.

We guarantee that Buttonfly machines are definitely of the highest quality, surpassing competing devices in terms of durability. We don’t just say this, as we provide a lifetime warranty for them. Our machines are made of top-grade stainless steel and aluminum. For better grip, the handle and feet of the machine are coated with rubber. When you buy the machine from our store, you receive an instruction manual and technical oil, which you can use to lubricate the machine from time to time. Properly lubricated, the machine will serve you for years, and you will be able to make hundreds of thousands of badges with it. Problems with our machine? It’s highly unlikely, but if they do occur, we will provide free servicing of the device under the lifetime warranty.

In the Buttonfly.pl store, you can also get button badge components and paper cutters

The machine is one thing, but to make pin badges with your own imprint, you also need badge components. Of course, you can buy them in the Buttonfly store. As mentioned earlier, we offer stainless steel badge components. It’s a hard material that doesn’t break or crack easily and is more resistant to bending, much better than aluminum or plastic. Our range of components is truly extensive, and you can learn more about it in the badge components section.

Finally, we also recommend the round paper cutters or paper punches available in the store – whichever you prefer. These devices significantly affect the precision and speed of cutting round imprints. You can find them in the paper cutters section.

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