Button badges with vacuum cap

Button badges with vacuum cap – one of our new arrivals. Button badges with vacuum cap can be attached, for example, in a car, bathroom or window.

25 mm

Przypinka z przyssawką o średnicy 25mm. Sprawdź też inne rodzaje buttona 25mm z: agrafką, brelokiem, biżuterią.

32 mm

Przypinka z przyssawką o średnicy 32mm. Poznaj także przypinki 32mm z: agrafką, magnesem na ubranie.

38 mm

Przypinka z przyssawką o średnicy 38mm. Sprawdź też znaczek 38mm z: agrafką, krokodylkiem.

50 mm

Przypinka z przyssawką o średnicy 50mm. Sprawdź również button 50mm z: agrafką, krokodylkiem.

59 mm

Przypinka z przyssawką o średnicy 59mm. Sprawdź też 59mm z: agrafką, krokodylkiem, otwieraczem i lusterkiem.

Button badges with vacuum cap for glass

This type of button is the latest addition to our offering. Button badges with vacuum cap are perfect gadgets for attaching to places like windows, glass or mirrors. They also work great in cars and even on refrigerators. The vacuum cap holds firmly. It’s a product suitable for children from the age of three, so it can also be intended for the youngest. Our vacuum cap buttons for glass have no sharp elements. They are carefully crafted and look very attractive and modern. These buttons are made of stainless steel components – they are durable and resistant to damage. On the back, they have a high-quality vacuum cap that easily holds the button for a long time on the various surfaces mentioned earlier. The print on the button is protected by a decent acrylic foil, making it resistant to water splashes and other mishaps.

Available sizes of buttons with vacuum cap

We make buttons with vacuum cap for mirrors or glass in five sizes at Buttonfly. The shape of the button is exclusively round, and the available diameters of the gadget are 25, 32, 38, 50, 59, and 75 mm. As always, we produce products on your order. Those who know us well are aware that at Buttonfly, there is always a simple rule – the more you buy, the lower the unit price you get. You will find precise information about prices on the product pages. By choosing the size of the suction cup button that interests you, you will quickly see the cost of one piece depending on the size of the order. If you want to create your own promotional buttons with a vacuum cap, remember that the smallest buttons (25mm) are products that will hardly fit anything more than a logo or simple graphics. For more complex graphic projects, it is better to consider at least those in the size of 38mm, and even better, 50 or 59 mm. On suction cup buttons of 75mm, you can fit heavily detailed graphics.

Vacuum cap buttons for glass – order processing time

The button badges with vacuum cap ordered from our store are always made as quickly as possible. So, if you choose the standard time, we will fulfill the order for a maximum of five hundred pieces within three business days. For one thousand vacuum cap buttons, it will be five business days in this time option. However, if these times do not meet your expectations, we suggest choosing the express time. In that case, we will make five hundred pieces in two business days, and one thousand pieces in three days. You will always find detailed information about the order processing time on FAQ page.

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