What do national rosettes look like?

A national rosette is a round rosette (historically, oval-shaped national rosettes were also used) made from two colored ribbons – white and red. According to the accepted design, the diameter of a national rosette should be between 4 and 6 cm. The center of the rosette should be white, and the surrounding edge should be red. National rosettes are meant to replicate the emblem of the Kingdom of Poland: a white eagle on a red background.

Hand-sewn national rosettes made to order

Our hand-sewn rosettes and national rosettes emphasize the significance of state anniversaries and social events.

You can purchase rosettes in our store – available in 45 mm and 60 mm diameters – or order custom sizes to suit your preferences. The most popular sizes are 4 cm and 6 cm.

We also prepare individual quotes based on size and order quantity. Feel free to contact us for more information.


National rosettes from Buttonfly

Our business primarily focuses on custom-made button badges, but we also specialize in the professional production of national rosettes in white and red colors. Our rosettes are known for their precise and sturdy craftsmanship, as they are hand-sewn. Each rosette features a securely attached pin, ensuring it stays in place even after hundreds of uses. This is not a one-time product; it is designed to last for years. The center of the rosettes is finished with white silicone, enhancing durability, and the back is made from felt for added strength. We guarantee our products are highly competitive in terms of quality.

How to purchase rosettes in our store

Simply visit the product page for the 45mm national rosette or the 60mm national rosette, where you can select the quantity you need. Just like with our button badges, tiered pricing is available based on order size. The rosette is round, white and red, made from properly pleated ribbon, with a diameter of approximately 45mm or 60mm. It is very durable thanks to the construction described above. Detailed photos on the product page show its craftsmanship. As mentioned, the national rosette is attached with a pin. If the size is not suitable for you, we are happy to create custom-sized rosettes. Just contact us with your specifications and the quantity needed.

We also offer ukrainian ribbons

In addition to our Polish rosettes, we offer Ukrainian ribbons. These are simpler in construction than the rosettes. This product is made from sewn ribbons in the colors of Ukraine – yellow and blue – and is attached to clothing with a traditional pin. Ukrainian ribbons are only sold in sets of twenty. You can order multiple sets, but they are not sold individually. Therefore, the minimum order is twenty ribbons.

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