Decorative floos are colorful ornaments with a printed design, bordered by multicolored material. They can feature a button or an insert in the center, and they can be fastened with a safety-pin or a clothing magnet. Floos are a great idea for competition prizes or awards at events. They are often used during political campaigns and to commemorate national holidays.

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Below is our range of floos – from single to quadruple. You can choose the color of the floo’s border and the graphic in the center.

Our floos can have a button or an insert in the center.

You can order five of the most popular floo models with buttons directly through our online store. Attach your graphic design to the product page of your choice, and specify the selected color in the order comments.

If you’re interested in a different model or floos with an insert, instead button, email us. We’ll provide an exact quote. In your email, include information on the model, color scheme, center graphic, and quantity.


Kotylion przypinka pojedynczy wąski

Narrow single floo

Kotyliony - pojedynczy szeroki

Wide single floo

Kotylion przypinka pojedynczy długi

Long single floo

Kotyliony - podwójny krótki

Short double floo

Kotylion podwójny długi

Long double floo

Kotyliony potrójne

Triple floo

Kotyliony poczwórne

Quadruple floo

Custom-made floos in Buttonfly

Floos are also known as rosettes or cockades, so you may find them under these terms as well. This product, like all others in Buttonfly, is available for custom orders. We can quickly create personalized floos for you. They can come with or without dangling ribbons. Our products are of the highest quality, meticulously handcrafted. You can order them with single, double, triple or even quadruple layers. The photos above show the available floo models in our range. We offer a vast color palette of ribbons for floo production, so your product can be in completely different colors. We guarantee exceptional durability for the floos purchased from Buttonfly.

Personalized floos with button

The floos made by Buttonfly are buttons surrounded by material. We offer not only products with buttons in the center but also with inserts. The standard fastening method for our floos is a safety-pin, but we can also make them with clothing magnets upon request. As always, you can place any print you want on the button in the center of your ordered floo, and we will print it in the best quality from your provided graphic design. Personalized floos are suitable for many different occasions. Our most popular floos are patriotic (also available as national rosettes). They are also frequently ordered as prizes for horse races, awards in competitions, distinctions at various events, or for important celebrations and anniversaries. We have also created floos for political campaigns. As you can see, the applications for these types of rosettes are quite broad.

Prices depend on several factors

Approximate prices for our floos are listed above, with each model available in our offer. We will provide an exact quote once you contact us with the details of your custom order. Factors affecting the price of the floos we can make for you include the model, color scheme, graphic, quantity, and type of fastening.

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