Jewelry with badges

Jewelry with button badges – Yes, this time we are offering you jewelry!
Earrings that bring back the 90s, when bold clip-on earrings were in fashion. We can easily place any graphic design on the front, making 25mm button earrings a great idea for creating your own jewelry.

Additionally, we also recommend finger rings. A beautiful, colorful 25mm button placed on a sturdy stainless steel ring makes for original and personalized jewelry.

Finger ring with a 25mm button badge

Button badge with finger ring. Check also other types of 25mm button with: safety pin, fridge magnet, keychain / keyring, vacuum cap.

Earring with a 25mm button badge

Button badge with earring. Check also other types of 25mm button with: safety pin, fridge magnet, keychain / keyring, vacuum cap.

Personalized jewelry with badges

While browsing our offer, you’ve probably noticed that we make a wide variety of gadgets from button badges. Among these proposals, we couldn’t miss out on jewelry with badges. Specifically, in Buttonfly, we create finger rings with badges and earrings with badges. As with all our other products, these items are made to order. Jewelry with button badges is crafted using a 25mm button. When creating your own graphic designs for printing on personalized jewelry, please use the template for preparing graphics in this size.

We guarantee very solid and precise workmanship for the earrings and finger rings with your own print, which will become unique pieces of jewelry. Moreover, they are quite affordable. The print on the earrings and finger rings button badges is well-protected by an acrylic foil, shielding it from wear and tear. This jewelry can be used for special occasions and events, but it’s also perfect for souvenir shops. You can see what jewelry with badges looks like in the photos above. If you have any questions about it, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to provide you with comprehensive answers.

Finger rings with button badges

The first item in our personalized jewelry with badges collection is our fantastic finger rings. These feature a 25mm button on which you can design any graphic. The button is permanently attached to an extremely durable ring. Additionally, the entire piece is made of stainless steel, making the ring long-lasting and ensuring you can wear it for as long as you like. Finger rings with button badges are exceptionally original jewelry. It’s up to you how you create them. Remember, personalized finger rings will satisfy not only teenagers but also women who appreciate unique and creative solutions. We assure you that we will make them for you quickly and very precisely. We are confident they will make a positive impression on you.

Earrings with button badges

The second proposal in Buttonfly’s jewelry with badges section are earrings. Like the finger rings, they feature a 25mm button that will proudly display your design. The final effect is limited only by your creativity. When creating your design, be sure to use our size template to achieve the perfect dimensions. The earrings with button badges have a classic clasp, visible in the photo above. They resemble old-fashioned clip-on earrings, reminiscent of the 1990s when such clip-ons were incredibly trendy. Earrings with badges are entirely made of stainless steel. We must add that they are characterized by precise and meticulous finishing, which we always prioritize when fulfilling your orders.

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