Holographic foil

Holographic foil for button badges

Note! You can purchase holographic foil as an add-on to the products ordered in our store:

  • button badges with your own design – receive holographic badges with your graphic design
  • badge components for DIY production – create holographic badges on your own badge making machine

Holographic button badge – let it shine!

With holographic foil, you can give your button badges a unique look! Want your badges to stand out, shimmering and sparkling? Then this foil is perfect for you! Resembling crystal patterns or shattered glass, it reflects light in all the colors of the rainbow. We can create holographic button badges for you or you can purchase holographic foil for your own button badge production needs. In the latter case, remember that this type of foil is very thin and should be used additionally with the traditional protective film included in all our button badge component sets. When making button badges on a machine, place the holographic foil on top of the print and then the protective foil. Alternatively, apply the protective foil first followed by the holographic foil for a more pronounced shimmer effect, though this may make the button badge more susceptible to damage (scratching or rubbing off the foil).

The foil is very thin, so it may require some adjustment, but you’ll surely get used to it. The effect it produces is truly amazing and worth trying!

Available sizes of holographic foil and purchasing guidelines

This foil is available in all button badge sizes and components for badges offered in our store. On the product page, select the foil size you wish to purchase from the dropdown menu. Note! We sold this foli in packs of 100 sheets. This quantity also applies to button badges made by us. You can order one hundred button badges with this type of foil or multiples of this number. Ordering holographic foil extends the order processing time by 5 business days.

Holographic badges – how to achieve the best results?

The most spectacular effects are achieved by pairing the foil with single-color graphic designs on badges. The shimmering effect of foil is most noticeable against a dark background (black works best). The more colorful your design, the less pronounced the holographic effect will be. Button badges shine most brightly in direct sunlight; the effect is much less noticeable without direct sunlight.


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