Wedding button badges

Occasional button badges are one of our favorite categories. We make wedding button badges to order. You can send us a ready-made design or we can create one for you. Bridal button badges don’t have to be just with a safety pin. Button badges with fridge magnet or bottle openers with magnet work very well, allowing guests to place them on their fridge and remember the event for a long time. Below are some examples of our wedding button badges.


Custom-made wedding button badges

In Buttonfly, we also specialize in creating gadgets for weddings and receptions. Our wedding button badges have been gaining increasing popularity year after year. Customers love ordering them for their events. They give them as keepsakes to wedding guests or use them to divide guests into groups. These button badges often feature a delicate background with a chosen motif, with the names of the Bride and Groom and the wedding date. We make bridal button badges to order, and how they look will depend on your individual ideas. Of course, we offer help and suggestions. A great idea is also wedding button badges with a photo, which can be made directly at the wedding. The personalized print on the button bagdes is effectively protected by high-quality acrylic foil. All bridal button badges made by Buttonfly are created using high-quality components. They are made of stainless steel, ensuring their exceptional durability.

Most popular bridal button badges in Buttonfly

Undoubtedly, wedding button badges are a very interesting and highly original way to thank guests for attending the wedding reception. The most popular orders for this occasion are fridge magnets and bottle openers with magnet. These are practical gadgets that will be useful to everyone for a long time. Button badges with a safety pin are often used to divide guests into groups. As wedding keepsakes, we also make wooden wedding badges for our clients. As you can see, you have a lot of options in Buttonfly. Which one you choose depends solely on your preferences. To make this choice easier for you, we present detailed photos of the button badges offered on our product pages. This will allow you to get a closer look at the product and how your wedding button badges might look.

Various sizes of wedding button badges

We make bridal button badges in various sizes and shapes. Their availability depends only on the type you choose. If they are fridge magnets, we offer round sizes of 25, 32, 38, 50, and 59mm, as well as rectangular sizes of 68 x 44 mm. For bottle openers, only round with a diameter of 59 mm are available. For classic button badges with pin, the selection is the same as for fridge magnet gadgets and one size more – 75mm. Wooden wedding badges are standardly made in sizes up to 40 x 40 mm, and their shape is entirely up to you. In other words, we will make them in the form you want. It is also possible to make larger wooden wedding badges. Just contact us for an individual quote.

How quickly will we make your bridal button badges

The completion time for your order in Buttonfly depends on the type of button badge, the chosen production time (standard or express), and the quantity ordered. The last factor can usually be ignored for wedding pins, as the first time frame applies to orders up to five hundred pieces. From experience, we know that no one orders more for a wedding. Thus, we will complete up to five hundred button badges with pin or button badges with fridge magnet in three days with standard time and one day with express time. Wedding button badges with bottle opener take three days for standard time and two days for express time. You will wait the longest for wooden wedding badges – five days. Detailed information regarding order completion times can be found on the product pages in our store.