Butterfly clutch & badge magnets

Introducing a new addition to our permanent collection: fastenings for badges, pins, button badges and name tags. Available for purchase are butterfly clutch in three colors – gold, silver, and black. Additionally, badge magnets come in three variants – single, double, and triple magnets. The butterfly clutch is perfect for pins or small brooches, while the badge magnets are ideal for button badges, badges or as a holder for name tags.

Fastenings for badges, pins, button badges, brooches and name tags

Butterfly clutch – available types:

Badge magnets – available types:

Do you make pins, button badges, brooches or name tags? Here are fastenings for pins and other accessories!

In Buttonfly, you’ll find fastenings that are perfect for various situations. The butterfly clutch and badge magnets are popular fastenings for badges, pins, button badges, brooches and name tags. We understand that details matter, which is why we offer the highest quality fastenings that not only function perfectly but are also extremely durable and versatile for many different projects. With our butterfly and magnetic fastenings, your products will be fully functional. Each of them is easy to attach to clothing.

Butterfly clutch available in three colors

Let’s start with the butterfly clutch – a classic and very minimalist solution that is perfect for brooches and other small products intended for clothing. The butterfly clutch available in Buttonfly is made of brass painted in various colors, specifically gold, silver and black. This fastening is small but convenient for everyday use and very durable. The exact dimensions of the butterfly clutch are: butterfly diameter 11mm and pin length 8mm.

Badge magnets with single, double and triple magnets

Another extremely practical solution for fastenings are the badge magnets. Modern, well-made, and aesthetically pleasing, the badge magnet is an excellent fastening option for name tags, among others. Badge magnets available in Buttonfly features very strong neodymium magnets that will securely hold various accessories on clothing. Quick to attach and extremely convenient. Our badge magnets with a single magnet have a diameter of 17mm, double magnet fastening measures 33×13mm and triple magnet fastening measures 45x13mm.

Fastenings for badges and pins – packaging

All colors of butterfly clutch and the three variants of badge magnets are sold in packs of 20 pieces. These are complete sets, meaning each butterfly clutch pack includes 20 butterflies and 20 pins, while each badge magnets pack includes 20 magnet holders and 20 plates with 3M tape. Depending on the type of magnetic fastening chosen, it will include one, two, or three neodymium magnets.

Prices and shipping time for fastenings for badges and pins

Like all our products, the fastenings for badges and pins come with a tiered pricing system – the larger quantity, the lower unit cost of the fastening. Details can be found on the product pages for the butterfly and magnetic fastenings you are interested in. Fastenings ordered on a business day before 12:00 PM are shipped the same day. Fastenings ordered after this time or on non-business days are shipped on the next business day.

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